Thursday, September 30, 2010

Year 2, Day 5, Sept. 30th

The last three days of the Joy of giving Week 2010 and we bring to you an update from Jamshedpur, from the Head of a Nursery School called Baug-e-Jamshed. Mrs.Dotivalla, the Principal of the school thankfully believes in inculcating the right values at a young age. So, her school catering to 3 to 5 year olds decided to celebrate the JGW with activities like Collage Making Day, Reading Day, Joy with Dance and Musicetc. The school has also organised a clothes collection drie. These children will, we are sure, grow up to be caring and empathetic individuals. A thank you to Mrs.Dotivalla.

In Chennai today, patrons are getting ready for the big battle, the Battle of the Buffet. Restaurants across the city have tied up with generous donors vying for well cooked dishes. A wonderful way to raise resources while satisfying one's palate.

Meanwhile Bangalore has seen events for children, a focus on health with Pranic Healing, eye check ups, yoga, newspaper collection drive to name just a few.

From Pune comes this update from Opus Software that is celebrating the JGW across its offices with various activities. They are organizing Vastradaan, Annadaan hai Mahadaan and Buy for a Cause campaigns in the ‘Joy of Giving Week’ at their corporate office in Pune. They will also organize the Vastradaan and Annadaan hai Mahadaan campaigns in their Mumbai and Chennai offices. The employees of the organization will donate clothes for the Vastradaan campaign on September 28th and foodgrains for the Annadaan hai Mahadaan campaign on September 29th.

Makemytrip continues with its JGW initiative begun last year with its aim of reducing carbon footprints.

We would like to end with a story from TAPMI where students celebrated JGW with activities for children from an orphanage. As Shweta a team member of the Social Endeavour Group says, "It is an enriching experience to have the children from Balaniketan here and with their presence the campus took on a new colour."
We fervently hope the JGW adds colours to our lives and in the lives of those we share our time, resources and skills with. We could all do with a lot more colour and joy in our lives. So share and spread joy in this the the Joy of Giving Week


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