Monday, September 14, 2009

Inspiring Stories

It is amazing how one comes across so many inspirational stories on giving now. Were these stories not written before or were they dismissed as 'emotional stuff'? In a way, being a part of the Joy of Giving Week, has increased ones awareness about the inspirational potential of these 'joy of giving stories'.

Some days ago, on Teachers' day, we had written a post requesting readers to 'give back' to their school, college, teachers. In our post 'A Giving profession', we had written :
As we ready ourselves for the Joy of Giving week, let us commit ourselves to give to those who have contributed to our being able to think and to learn; are responsible for our success as it were. Visit your old school, meet your teachers, set up an alumni fund, repay the debt in part for it can never be repaid in full. Let your teacher know that what he / she is, is important and has made a difference

Coincidentally, Outlook carries an article on just that; how a teacher of Tamil in a small school, has been gifted a house by his students, because he was struggling to maintain himself in his old age. The story is aptly titled 'To Sir With love'.

And today, in the Inbox was yet another inspirational true story, this time a direct result of a participant registering herself for the 7 day 7 gifts challenge, that we mentioned in our previous post. This is also a little indirectly about teachers and teaching, on the importance of literacy and on the joy of gifting books.

Those who have experienced such 'joy of giving'will not only exhort others to give, but will continue to do so themselves, thus increasing the general happiness quotient. Share your giving stories with us and inspire others to give. Meanwhile here are links to the two stories we have written about.

The Joy of Giving Week.

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