Sunday, September 26, 2010

Year 2, Day 1, 26th Sept.

The first day of the JGW today and even as one writes this, there are many 'giving' events that have already taken place and many will happen this evening and for the next 6 days. The response has been overwhelming. Certain 'giving activities' are being repeated this year because of the tremendous impact they had last year and the resources such activities raised. Battle of the Buffet, Shadow a CEO, Udayan's Home of Joy, Joyfest, Vastrasamman, Styles for Smiles are some of the better known events. But there are so many more innovative ways that have been designed for one to give. 314 events at the time of writing this.

We would like to reassure those who think that the JGW is about contributing big money, that it is not so. It is all about the small pebbles that together add up. So no contribution is too small. In fact, one could raise money by sharing one's time and skills and contribute that to charity. This is possible by being a part of the Dreamathon, a new event that has been designed to help raise money by living one's dream. Can it get better than that !!

Bitterness, envy, greed, seem to rule our lives and that needs to change if we are to live in content. With 6 days more to go for the JGW to come to an end, let us come together and pledge our time, skills and resources to create a better opportunities for the marginalised and a better land for ourselves. When each one of us contributes individually towards this, the effort becomes a collective one and results are soon visible. There are many such efforts undertaken during the JGW but we sign off with a story about Prof.Sandeep Desai who used to teach at SP Jain College of Management, Mumbai, who has managed to raise rupees 4 lakhs for a school in Ratnagari by asking commuters on the Churchgate-Borivili locals in Mumbai to contribute. As he says, "The response has been great." We need more such stories to uplift our spirits and galvanise us into action. The Joy of Giving Week, 2010.

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