Monday, September 27, 2010

Year 2, Day 2, Sept. 27th

Day 2 of the Joy of Giving Week and the response has been phenomenal. Over 40 registered events organised on Day 1 and we are unaware of the many 'giving' events that may have been held but have not been registered. We have already begun to receive updates from those who had their events yesterday, including an update about events and a health check-up organised for senior citizens living in an old age home in Ahmedabad.

Day 2 of the JGW and the auction on ebay India for a gym session with Salman Khan registered a highest bid of around three and a half lakhs.

Day 2 and the auction on ebayIndia for breakfast with Akshay Kumar has already crossed three and a half lakhs.

Day 2 of the JGW and we received a wonderful surprise when one of the most popular and best loved Indian and an icon for two generations, Mr.Amitabh Bachchan, decided to literally give of himself and has offered to have lunch with upto 10 people and spend around 2 hours with them, in candid talk. This is phenomenal because this is the first time he has ever agreed to do something like this. This is a tremendous opportunity for his fans to take advantage of and start bidding for his time. The bidding begins this evening at 5:00p.m. and ends on the 2nd of October. Please spread the word around and let us pray that we are able to raise a lot of funds through this because the fund goes to charity, as does the fund collected in the training session with Salman Khan and breakfast with Akshay Kumar.

Do write in with your updates to tell us how your event was held and more important, how did you feel at the end of it. Share your joy with us, the Joy of Giving Week. Write to us at

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