Saturday, July 24, 2010

Be the Change

"Be the Change you Want to See in the World".

Words that have inspired and continue to inspire millions across the world. Gandhiji lived this mantra but unfortunately, in the decades since his assassination, to many, this thought provoking dictum has turned into a mere utterance. This is not because we as a people disregard this, but because we are caught up so much in the business of earning a living and making a life for ourselves and those we love, that we have forgotten that if our life has to change, the world has to change and we need to reflect that change.
It was with this intention that Riverside School Ahmedebad, organised and co-ordinated the Design for Giving contest as a part of the JGW 009. Over a thousand schools participated in this event and a jury of prominent design professionals evaluated the projects submitted and shortlisted 20 entries as worthy of high mention. The contest basically had students select a problem in the community that they would like to solve and work out a solution. The submitted entries displayed a remarkable maturity and ranged from keeping school premises clean, to recognising the important role mothers play in our lives by asking for a Mothers' Day every Sunday; cleaning garbage dumps and campaigning against the use of plastic, raising much needed resources for Aanganwadis to mention just a few of the many entries. For more on this, visit

It is heartening and humbling when children set out to solve problems in practical and novel ways in the process enriching all our lives by making it more meaningful. That the change we would like to see in the world needs to have its genesis in each one of us is something none of us would deny but it needs to be reinforced. By involving children in this process,The Design for Giving, brings to the metamorphosis of society, a continuity that will hopefully endure.
With participation from abroad this year, the Design for Giving during JGW 2010 promises to throw up more solutions to the problems we face. To register or read more about the JGW 10 visit


  1. 世界上沒有本來就應該的事,因為老天爺也沒有劇本..................................................

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  3. It is great that you are contributing to the learning community. All the best to you and hope you continue to share your skills and knowledge. Do write in and tell us how you specifically contributed during JGW.