Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Year 2, Day 4, Sept. 29th

Midway through the second year of the Joy of Giving Week, and we at the JGW team find ourselves unable to express our thanks for the wonderful response our appeals to give have generated. We have been receiving regular updates from all over and we will write about them at a later point in time. Meanwhile a fundraiser in aid of Jai Vakeel School for Children in need of Special Care, called Treasure Trove, was held today at the Taj.

"Treasure Trove is a charity auction of a mixed bag of art/ fashion/ Jewellery/ collectibles and memorabilia – each of which has an intrinsic worth. The idea of mixing all kinds of premium luxury goods at the auction is, that everybody present has a chance to contribute while taking home an object they desire. " We are confident that the fund raised would be substantial.

One of the amazing facets of the JGW is the manner in which it takes care of all sections of society and all age groups and in all areas. So we have resource mobilisation for marginalised children, a Grain Bank for all, fund collection for health related issues like Alzheimers disease, awareness creation about organ donation, helping develop soft skills in skilled and semi skilled workers, events for senior citizens, and we could go on and on for people have chosen to give in numerous ways.

A major surprise in the JGW and one we must admit we did not really anticipate is the link established between the common citizen, the corporate and the government. In fact the response of givernment officials to the JGW is really encouraging. Last year forest officials got together with villagers to plant saplings in Maharashtra and this year police officials in Chennai have come forward with a three point agenda to help the general public. ACP (law and order), Mohammad Shakeel Akhter from Chennai spelt out this agenda when he said " We have a 3 point agenda for Joy of Giving Week. Senior citizens should be respected, women should be empowered and the gap between the police and general public bridged." To carry forward their ideas, they have drawn upon college students, NGO volunteers, IT professionals as 'ambassadors' to convey their ideas. Change as we have always claimed, can be brought about at all levels by thinking and acting positively.
The auction for a lunch date with the Big B is going strong and we will update you on that in the coming days. Meanwhile mail us your 'giving' stories at


  1. Long time no see, pal.. i'm in the event.. just got back from Marianas..

  2. I am so happy as well. The government also promised to look on Charlotte senior living downtown. That’s why we are excited to pass the news down there. Great blog, friend.