Friday, September 10, 2010

Usher in Hope

This blog has consciously refrained from commenting on political and current issues and restricted itself to motivating and inspiring people to participate in the Joy of Giving Week and experience joy through such giving. This is not because we shy away from discussing issues of national and human importance, but because we feel such discussion inevitably turns cynical and, cynicism is the last sentiment one would want associated with the JGW. The JGW has not been without its critics and one major and common criticism against the JGW is that it focusses on restricting giving to a week and not beyond that. This is however untrue. It is correct that we emphasise on and create awareness about the week long festival of giving but we do that hoping that those who choose to give, continue to do so much after the week is over, because of the joy they have experienced by giving time, money or other resources during the JGW.

Going back to what we began this post with, the current situation in India is far from rosy. With inflation at a high, food unavailable to all, the CVC speaking about corruption in both high places and amongst the ordinary Indian, rampant malaria, dengue and other infection spreading rapidly, doctors on strike, the trade unions on strike, schools turning into punsihment and suicide zones, we all need an event that ushers in hope, telling us that things can and will change. This change will come about only when we choose to bring it in. We can do that by beginning to empathise and by believing that all are equally worthy. The Joy of Giving Week, aims to do just that. Here there is a giver and a receiver, but the relationship is one of equals because both experience joy; a joy that comes from sharing, caring and reaching out. Experience that joy along with countless others, during the Joy of Giving Week 2010 and help us become a more humane country.

Meanwhile, here is a link to a write-up on the JGW events to be held in Pune this year

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