Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Anonymous Givers

"Almost everyone regardless of income, available time, age and skills can do something useful for others and in the process strengthen the fabric of our shared humanity." Bill Clinton

There are many unknown, unsung people in India and abroad who have been giving of their time and skills to society and in the process have passed on their collective wisdom and knowledge that sustains society. One such organisation is the Explorers and Adventurers in Mumbai. Establised more than four decades ago, the members of the club not only share a common passion for the mountains, but also share a common desire to kindle this passion in the younger generation. The members, most of whom are working full time, or are older students or have other responsibilities, give freely and ungrudgingly of their time and skills, to accompany school children on treks, on adventure camps, teach them rock climbing and organise other adventure related activities, and see to it that not only do the children enjoy themselves, but that they also simultaneously learn valuable lessons for life : sharing, mutual respect, team work, responsibility and most important learn to respect our environment. The members ensure that the camps they organise are enjoyable, non-threatening experiences and often go out of their way to organise birthday celebrations for children in out of the way locations, complete with cake, candles and wafers and their reward is the look of disbelief and happiness on the face of the child. The Explorers and Adventurers has truly understood the Joy of Giving.

These are the people and organisations that we need to remind ourselves about as we prepare for the Joy of Giving Week. Let us resolve to give not just for today, but for all the days to come; not just to the known, but to all the unknown. Let giving be our passion....

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