Wednesday, September 30, 2009

30th Sept., Day 4

" I will be Mr.Dependable, to those who have nobody to depend on." that is Rahul Dravid on Day 4 of the Joy of Giving Week. This statement embodies the spirit of the week and makes the commitment between the giver and the receiver very clear and categorical, in a sense saying, that this is not a one time relationship, but an ongoing one.

This in essence is what the India Giving Challenge is aiming at, by bringing together corporates with a desire to help and NGOs that need funds to carryout its activities. The Challenge has raised around 20lakhs so far, no small amount, considering that the economic climate is not particularly rosy. A spirit of healthy competition has been infused into the spirit of giving in the India Giving Challenge with prizes announced for the corporate that donates the most and the NGO that raises the most funds. Besides, the whole system is very transparent and all details are made available on the India Giving pages. http://

In all this joy of giving, there is also a sobering thought that not all the NGOs are able to raise funds. In fact some have not managed to raise a single rupee. One really needs to introspect as to the reasons for this.

Meanwhile The Economic Times today carries an interesting write-up on Style for Smiles, another event to be held tomorrow as a part of the Joy of Giving Week, besides taking a tongue in cheek look at what the Ad agencies and their clients would gift each other as a part of the week. http://

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