Sunday, September 27, 2009

27th Sept., Day 1

Day 1, and we rejoice that over 200 events have been registered from all parts of india, from Jammu to Trichinapalli, and from Imphal to Rajkot. The issues that are covered range from conserving and nurturing the environment, to empowering children and adults by focussing on health, education, livelihood, life skills. The methods used to spread the spirit of giving are ingenious; whether it is the Family India Foundation's weekly task list, where the person signing up receives 7 envelopes for each day of the Joy of Giving Week, each with a task to be completed to spread the joy of giving; or the Literary Angels Book Giveaway, where readers are requested to read a blog and answer a question to be able to receive a book which is to be given to a random reader. Many are the ways in which one can give.
Day 1, and we are overwhelmed that modern India's icon, the 'little master' Sachin, has endorsed the Joy of Giving Week all the way from South Africa. Truly a master giver, when he makes time in his hectic schedule to spread the message of giving and has chosen to contribute his time for the cause both now and later. As he says in an article in The Times of india, " People from all walks of life can give. In our country there are so many less privileged, less fortunate, that any small thing we find useless can be like gold to someone else."
Day1, and we are humbled at the passion with which people have taken the message of giving to heart. From Amravati comes a mail that Dr.Avinash Saoji of PRAYAS, has undertaken a fast for the entire week and has exhorted others to fast as much as they can to promote the concept of 'Charity by Fasting'. Not only this, but the organisation has undertaken to spread the message of giving through various initiatives in the Vidarbha region.
Day 1, and we are sobered that even as we rejoice in the spirit of giving, comes the news that farmers in Andhra pradesh are selling or abandoning their new born daughters. This reminds us that we have a long way to go. The way can be made easier when we walk collectively towards a common goal. Let our goal be to spread joy through giving, both in the present and the future.

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