Monday, September 28, 2009

28th Sept., Day 2

The second day of the Joy of Giving Week, and it is also Vijay Dasami.. Good has triumphed over evil, the effigy of Ravan will be burnt, Maa durga will return to her home for another year, the display of dolls (Golu), ends today, the Navratri festival will culminate in Mysore today and the Gagra Cholis and dandias will be packed and put away in Gujarat. But in the tiny state of Himachal Pradesh, Dassera begins in Kulu today. In a sense, there is a continuity of the celebration and so it is with the festival of giving, it does not and should not end with the week.
The second day of the Joy of Giving Week, and NDTV has planned to air a special interview with Nandita Das and Imtiaz Ali, who will be talking to Prannoy Roy tonight. Nandita Das has been a vociferous supporter of the Joy of Giving Week and has committed enough of her time already to the cause. As she says: "The JGW is a small pot, and if filled with every drop that we have, it can make a big difference. ........ the festival belongs to each one of us and yet belongs to no one in particular."
The second day of the Joy of Giving Week and the auction on e-bay, for Sachin's coaching skills, Love Aaj Kal's memorablia is hotting up. The auction for Shadow a CEO, has ended and has raked in over 6lakhs, a good amount considering the bidders were all students. Meanwhile, the Vastra Samman project initiated by Goonj, is proving to be very popular amongst the givers and many have come forward to donate clothes for charity. The autodrivers in Chennai, showed the softer side of their character as they did Annadaanam to over 500 people yesterday, contributing their own money for the cause.
Joyfest, the giving festival for youth has over 85 colleges registered and the power of youth to spread the message of giving throughout the week is immense. If colleges are contributing, can schools be far behind! Over a thousand schools from across the country have registered for the Design for Giving Contest. When the young get together for a good cause, then a transformation takes place and the cause prospers. We are looking forward to this happening with the Joy of Giving Week and hope we learn from them to care more. And we end this post with a sense of anticipation as to what Day 3 of the Joy of Giving Week will bring.

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