Thursday, September 10, 2009

Countdown Begins

With just 17 days to go for the Joy of Giving Week, we at the JGW team are amazed and touched by the widespread response to the week. CEOs, actors, sportspersonalities, professionals, dabbawalas, rickshawdrivers; have all confirmed their participation and will work at making a difference in the lives of others. While this is inspiring and encouraging in itself, it is the participation of college and school students that is overwhelming. When the young participate willingly and resolve to make a positive difference, then we can say with conviction that lasting changes are on their way to transform the fabric of Indian society to make it more equitable.

The press coverage and endorsements by the well-known from all walks of life may have made it easier for us to get our message of giving across, but large scale participation can only be possible when the idea of 'a week of giving' catches the imagination of the people. The fact that we have been able to do this, is probably because we have managed to touch a chord in the hearts and minds of most. The desire to give has been dormant in most of us and the idea of the Joy of Giving Week, has seen this desire come alive. What is also heartening is that individuals are coming forth with creative and innovative ideas on how they would be contributing, reaffirming our faith that the 'culture of giving' has spread.

Meanwhile, today's Indian Express carries a story on how a teacher is bringing about remarkable changes in interior Madhya pradesh in a caste ridden village, through the medium of education. ( Such stories are our inspiration and our hope and reinforce our strong belief that we are a nation of 'givers'. So let us join all those who are a part of the Joy of Giving Week and help make a difference. If you have ideas on how one can participate, please share your comments here or register on our website ( and share your ideas.

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