Friday, September 25, 2009

The 7 Day Challenge

The 7 day challenge is amongst those innovative ideas that make the Joy of Giving Week, a mass movement. It is all inclusive and holds within itself, the essence of the movement, as it opens the door and gives opportunities for every single individual to participate, in a manner decided by him/ her. The experiences of those who have decided to spread joy through giving for 7 days, has been all positive; whether it is buying toys for an auto driver's son, cooking a meal and sharing it with a toothless vegetable vendor, making it up with a friend or with family,teaching the needy, making sandwiches. to distribute to the needy.... or the many more ways of helping, some of them ingenious that the participants have shared (, is a sure way of spreading the culture of giving.

With just 2 days to go before the week officially begins, one could still start to think of ways in which one could contribute, for the causes are many and resources few. If it is difficult to decide the manner of contribution, well help is always available. All one needs to do is check out

Lets not wait. Lets just go ahead and make the Joy of Giving Week, a week that is truly a joy to have lived.

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