Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sach a Joy

India's most loved sportsperson Sachin Tendulkar, is at it again, helping promote the Joy of Giving week 2010. In an exclusive interview with Times Now, he says "the Joy of Giving Week is a great opportunity for an individual to express himself and what he wants to do for the community." Sachin of course not only doubled his contribution to his favourite charity Apnalaya last year during JGW, but also devoted a day to a cricket coaching camp, offering his time that was auctioned to raise funds. He says that he enjoyed getting to know the people who attended his camp.

The JGW has been lucky in that it has both famous and committed brand ambassadors. Whether it has been Sachin, or Nandita Das, Shriya, Surya, Madhavan, Rahul Bose or the corporate big wigs like Adi Godrej, all have not just lent their names, faces and voices, but more importantly have given generously of their time and that has been a major contributing factor to the success of the Week in its very year of inception in 2009.

However the famous can take a movement only upto a certain point. mass participation becomes essential for any movement to succeed and again JGW has been lucky in that it has caught the imagination of the public at large and turned into a national festival, cutting across all barriers and with all participating. Some of the ways the country contributed has been written about in today's Times of India in Mumbai. Meanwhile what of JGW 2010. here we go back to quote the star cricketer as he says:
We have set higher goals this year and higher targets. It is not only up to me, but it is up to the whole of India to help us achieve the target. This week is to celebrate, to make sure that there are happy people across the country, and there are smiles on faces. That is what we wish to do. The idea behind starting this joy of giving week was to spread smiles.

So let's all heed Sachin's words and come together to spread smiles. participate in the Joy of Giving Week between the 26th of Sept., and the 2nd of Oct 2010. A link that says more

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