Friday, August 13, 2010

Redeeming our Pledge

This is what we wrote on the 13th of August 2009:

India is gearing up to celebrate Independence Day and usher in the festival season. This is that time of year, when our achievements as a country are faithfully recounted by the media, the time when we promise to redeem our pledge to become a developed nation and take pride in our status as a thriving democracy. This year, all this will take place under the shadow of the Swine Flu. But even as the threat of the H1N1 virus looms large, we forget that there are many other shadows that are invisible but yet are a reality to millions of Indians : poverty, child labour, illiteracy, displacement, malnutrition, domestic violence, physical, mental and sexual abuse, unemployment, ignorance and the list could go on.

On a first reading, nothing appears to have changed; we are still battling all the above along with Swine Flu and malaria, there is rampant corruption especially with the Commonwealth Games, Kashmir is seething, Leh is suffering because of floods, honour killings are more the norm than the exception and the list could go on.

Yet, one is hopeful and optimistic that positive changes are taking place slowly but surely and what is heartwarming is that these changes are mostly spearheaded by children. What else can explain the overwhelming response to Design for Change, an event that is a part of the Joy of giving Week. The Design for Change inspires children to identify a social problem and design a solution . This year, children from 24 countries are participating in this event, that appropriately begins on the 15th of August. By participating in this event, the children not only gain an insight into the problems of the community, but also learn to empathise. This is the manner in which an inclusive society can be built, by ensuring that our children walk with the ones who need the most support.
As we gear up to celebrate 63 years of Independence , let us all take a moment off to redeem our pledge to each other as Indians and promise to care and to share and forge relationships to build an all inclusive society where each one of us is accepted and treated with dignity. As the first of the JGW event kicks off on the 15th of August, let that be our promise. Let us learn from our children as they discover solutions to problems not of their making. A Joyous and Giving Independence Day to all our readers.

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  1. Brilliant piece! Hats off to the organizers of the JGW for their innovative idea,giving a platform to children in the campaign,'Design for Change.'It will be interesting to see what they come up with for we as adults are very often stuck in a rut and languish in it due to indifference,lack of motivation or ideas.
    I promise to adopt the joy of giving, loving and sharing, not for a day, a week or month but for always. Happy Independence Day my fellow Indians.

  2. 人生中最好的禮物就是屬於自己的一部份..................................................

  3. 困難的不在於新概念,而在於逃避舊有的概念。......................................................................