Sunday, April 11, 2010

Measuring Impact of JGW '09

How does one begin to measure the impact of a national movement like the JGW ? What are the parameters one could use to determine the extent of its success ? Do we measure success in terms of funds raised, in terms of visibility created for good and worthy causes, in goods donated all of which are tangible and can be quantified, or is success to be measured in how effective the movement has been in raising our collective conscience and attitude towards 'giving' in general. It is in this last that the true importance of the movement lies for it is because we as a society, were made conscious about the need to give and the joy that would result from it, that all the other tangibles could be achieved.

Though a difficult task, efforts were undertaken to measure the success of the movement and as the facts below testify, the JGW has proved to be a successful movement in spreading the culture of giving.

The reach of the JGW has been greater than one could have imagined. Over 300 events were organised in over 40 cities and small towns across the length and breadth of India by a team of 5000 volunteers and around 2lakh people participated. The events managed to raise around 10crore in money and resources, that benefitted around 20lakh. No mean achievement this.

In keeping with the unique concept of the JGW, many of the events organised were also innovative. Some of these have been written about and you will find those posts in the archives but we will refresh your memories on them in the days to come. Meanwhile, as we gear up for JGW '10 we could all make it a point to heed the words of JGW's brand ambassador, Sachin Tendulkar as he exhorts us to "Keep contributing, keep contributing better."

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