Thursday, April 22, 2010

JGW and Earth Day

Today, the 22nd of April is Earth Day and we at the JGW team are proud that as a part of JGW 09, many initiatives have been taken to nurture our planet. Last year, in interior Maharashtra, during JGW 09 the Forestry Department, undertook some activities to protect and nurture precious resources of our planet:

Some interesting things done in Maharashtra by kids were:
3288 kgs of castor seeds were planted alongside sewage canals
1,67,727 cloth bags were made from used cloth and distributed
94324 Notebooks were made of old unused pages of notebooks.

Remarkable effort on the part of theose who conceptualised these ideas and motivated children to carry them out, especially considering the little time they had to plan and complete the enormous task they had undertaken.

Some other innovative ideas were:
Kids from Buldhana district got 5517 pledges from the elders to donate their eyes 5517
In the Aurangabad Circle 19.5 liters blood were donated by officers and staff.

The adults and the children who were an intrinsic part of the whole excercise, are so enthused and derived so much joy from it all, that they have already begun to plan for JGW 2010 and this time they plan to involve all the Zilla Parishad heads to co-ordinate and follow-up on spreading joy by giving of themselves to others, during JGW 2010. In India, a majority of us look down upon the government and think that those who work for the government are indifferent to the needs of our society. We do hope that our perception changes for stories like these rebuild our faith and sustain our hope for a better future for our country.

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