Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome Back

Welcome to Joy of Giving Week 2010 to be held between the 26th of September and the 2nd of October this year.

It is good to be back again to introduce the Joy of Giving Week, 2010. We have been hibernating for 6 months, but have not been idle. There has been a lot of work going on, reviewing the impact of Joy of Giving Week 2009 and planning for 2010. The tremendous response the week received in its very year of inception, has enthused us so much that plans are on to reach out to many more this year. Before we begin to talk about how each one of us could participate this year, we would like to take time off and share with you the major events and manner of participation in the Joy of Giving Week 2009 by corporates, schools, colleges, NGOs and individuals last year. You will read more about all this in the coming days but meanwhile please mark your calendars for JGW 2010, an all inclusive festival where all of us from a 'paanwallah to a billionaire' can participate and make a difference.

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