Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Verdict

No, this post is not about Ayodhya, though one could be forgiven for thinking it to be. Neither is this about the CWG and its successful opening ceremony. The verdict we are talking about is that delivered by 'we the people' about the Joy of Giving Week, and the verdict is that the JGW is a festival that has come to stay. 'Giving' seems to have permeated into our conscious thoughts in such a complete manner that participation and by extension resource mobilisation has far surpassed last year's and exceeded our expectation. Updates on the actual number of events held, the amount of resources collected, the break-up in terms of kinds of resources, the manner of participation, the places which saw more involvement etc will all be analysed and written about shortly.

But for now we would like to say a thank you to all those who made a successful JGW possible. The celebrities get written about and thanked profusely in public for their contribution. But the fact is that the Joy of Giving Week would lose its impact and would be rendered meaningless unless it is adopted by a large number of citizens. We have been able to attract the common man to our cause and by wholehearted participation, the people have shown that the JGW belongs to each one of us and it is our involvement that has made a difference. So thank you to each one of you for holding out a hand to help, to support, to inspire, to share, to give.

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