Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Step by Step

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and so it is with the Joy of Giving Week. For a festival that is independent of any religion, social custom, culture or ritual, the JGW seems to have earned itself a place in the calendar of festivals in India. This is not an idle boast for the JGW has been successful this year too. But of course we are also aware that it is still too early to gauge the success of the JGW, for we have just co-ordinated the giving week twice. The JGW is therefore still in its infancy and has a long journey to make, but we are determined to make the journey step by step.

That we have begun to make bigger strides is evident in this year's participation in the JGW which saw more than 500 events, spread over 70 cities and towns, (with even rural areas participating), raise over 20crore in cash and kind. Participants have also found numerous ways of giving and have volunteered, fundraised, created awareness for a cause, donated, collected resources and have generally spread the word around with enthusiasm, determination and more importantly with conviction. This last is important for unless one is convinced that there is a purpose to the JGW, participation is rendered meaningless because it cannot be sustained, and the years to come may see dwindling interest. So the challenge before us is to ensure that the motivation to give is encouraged.

You can help us in our mission of drawing more to our cause and sustain the JGW by sharing with us your 'giving' experiences. Your story may prompt someone to introspect and discover a value in giving. Your story may help someone emulate it and in the process discover a so far unfelt joy. Your story may inspire someone to script a better one for self and others. Your story may be the one that helps transform us into gentler, simpler, more humane and thus more joyous beings. So do share your JGW stories with us and join us as we continue our journey, step by step. Write to us at updates@joyofgivingweek.org

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