Monday, October 18, 2010

Such a Long Journey

It has been such a long journey for all the atheletes who participated in the Common Wealth Games, especially for those coming from humble backgrounds and from places with minimal or zero facilities. To have won medals in the face of discouragement, social ostraticism and lack of official support is not just an outstanding feat, but a glorious one. They are the ones to have truly contributed to the glory of sport and honour of men.

It has been such a long journey for Mukesh Ambani, from a chawl in Bhuleshwar to the most expensive home in India and amongst the most expensive homes in the world.

It is a long journey for all those who pour into our cities day after day, in search of a better and more dignified life, for all those who stand guard at our borders, for those who build our roads, clean our gutters, man our public places, for all those who are mothers and fathers and grandparents, and uncles and aunts and cousins and friends, for all those who are caretakers of the future generation and of this our earth, for all those who have the courage to dare and to dream and all of us have to remember to tread softly or we may tread on someone's dreams, and when dreams are lost, nothing remains.

It is such a long journey for the Joy of Giving Week, from an idea in the mind to an act in the lives of many. Like those who came before us and hopefully like those who will come after us, we also have had the courage to dare and to dream.

I have promises to keep/ And miles to go before I sleep/ And miles to go before I sleep.

Robert Frost's lines from Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening, best describes the journey the Joy of Giving Week still has ahead of it. We have just hosted the JGW for 2 years and as we have been repeatedly saying, it is still too early to gauge its impact. Participation and resource mobilisation have both increased this year, compared to last year, but we do not know whether the motivation to sustain the giving has been kindled. The giving has to endure, not just this year or for just the week, but for as long as we exist. When that happens, then we at the JGW team can rest because we would have reached our journey's end.

Meanwhile, we say goodbye for now and will be back next year. It is such a long journey........

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