Saturday, June 12, 2010

In Their Words

Those who have been following our posts would probably wonder how we manage to keep you all updated about the various events, big and small, that were a part of JGW 09. The fact is that the JGW team has been working hard after the festival was over, to collect and collate feedback from all those who registered their events at the JGW website (it will be up soon for you to register this year), as also with those who participated but did not register. It has been a marathon task and the efforts of those involved in the whole excercise needs to be applauded. We are copying below, a sample update that one participant sent.

Update Form

Name of the Event: Appreciation giving day
Date of the Event: 29 Sept, 30 Sept and 1 October
City/Town Where the Event took Place: mumbai
Depending on the type of event held:
Volunteering (No. of volunteers engaged/participated): ~ 350 employees in Sandoz House
Awareness (Approx. No. of people reached): >700

Donation/fundraising (Amount of funds raised):_~ Rs 45,000

A Description of how the event was:
This event was a big success with employees vying with one another to give and receive appreciation. A Rs 5 bar of chocolate was sold for Rs 10 along with a blank card. Employees could choose where their contribution went from a basket of NGOs. Employees wrote their own personal messages and handed over a bar of chocolate with a message card to anyone they chose. There was a spirit of competition with surprises announced for the top 3 givers and the top 3 receivers as well as to an Appreciation Champion who motivated employees on the floor to buy the maximum number of cards. Feedback from employees has been tremendous

Learnings from the Event held:
1. Generated a tremendous feeling of goodwill among employees and third party service staff
2. Created a buzz within the office
3. Employees felt it served a dual purpose and would like it to be repeated
Please Attach Pictures of the Event:
Unfortunately, not all participats had pictures to share but the joy of giving is felt in the words. Be a part of the joy this year. Participate in JGW '10, between Sept. 26th and Oct. 2nd. As you can see from this update, it is so easy to spread joy.

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