Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gifting a New Life

Amongst the many events organised by anonymous and caring citizens of India during the Joy of Giving Week '09, are those that were aimed at creating awareness about issues of health. This included awareness programs abour Cochlear Implants, blood donation, disseminating information about Swine Flu, awareness about organ donation etc.
The staff of ZCCK, Bangalore had a talk about organ donation in their office and to demonstrate their sincerity, that it was not just talk, they had donor cards that employees signed after informing their families. Information was also given about registering for organ transplants in case needed. The three staff members of the company who organised this hope to have a larger pool of volunteers next time in order to create more awareness.
Bangalore also saw a blood donation drive, where volunteers donated blood to be used for the needy patients in NIMHANS. There was a little disappointment amongst the organisers that not many of the nyounger generation came forward to donate, but they hope to attract more next year by using Twitter to publicise their cause.
The Institute of Health Sciences in Bhubaneshwar, organised a Seminar on Cochlear Implants, a procedure that gives life a new meaning to some of those with Hearing Impairment.
Again on the 2nd of October, the Boral Multiproject Centre, organised a health check-up camp in Kolkatta, where in a matter of around 5 hours, around 130 patients were benefitted.

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