Thursday, September 8, 2011

JGW and Creativity

Innovation is a word that can be increasingly associated with the JGW. Not only is the concept new in India, but the creative manner in which it is sought to be celebrated all over India by ordinary men and women, takes the concept of JGW to a new level. As all festivals go, the JGW also involves a lot of food and eating but with a difference : food is either donated ( the Annadaanam by the auto drivers in Chennai) or food is sold to raise resources for organisations working for social causes:  the Battle of the Buffet, creating new dishes especially for the week, restaurants setting aside specific tables, revenue from these going to social causes ('While you were Eating', to be held in Bengaluru this year being an example of this).

Creativity comes through in celebrity participation also : from auctioning their time,  walking the ramp, this year they will also auction some of their memorabilia. 8 leading CEOs come forward to literally sing for, well , others' supper, by donating the proceeds from the sale of their special cd for the JGW, to a charity of their choice.

Creative posters designed by those who are participating ( see the visual in the previous post ) motivates one to participate. Sterling Terrace is a housing society that has a beautifully designed poster which deserves a post of its own. Yet another innovative way in which 3 Frenchmen and an Indian plan to celebrate the week is by riding their Enfield from Bengaluru to Paris to raise money for Baale Mane, a home for underprivileged girls. To read more about this, click here,  Combining fun with charity is always welcome.

Creativity in the JGW is best exemplified in the Design for Change contest, where children design innovative solutions to problems in the community. The DFC as it is popularly known, recently won a prestigious design award.

What are we then waiting for ? How many ways can we give ? To find out, simply visit our website and celebrate the Joy of Giving Week.

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