Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Times We Live In

'Greed' is a single word that defines the world today. It is greed that causes people to amass an obscene amount of wealth,; it is greed that leads to looting; it is greed that has people fighting over property : most of the ill conceived and negative acts in the world today, have greed as their root cause. It would be hypocritical of us to assume a holier than thou attitude because most of us enjoy our comforts and luxuries and feel they are well deserved. We have no arguments on that. But it is essential to define our boundaries and say to ourselves, "I have enough". One wonders how many of us are really able to do that. If one were to go by newspapers, not many because all are in a mad rush to buy, to accumulate, to hold. It is as if we seek security in our material possessions. But does our car, our house, our accessories define who we are, or are we more than these ? Do we want to be remembered as the person with the 27 room house, a fleet of cars, the one who holidays abroad twice a year, the one who is dripping with jewellery, the one who carries expensive accessories or would we like to be remembered as the person who gave of himself/herself generously, who gave time, who gave love, who gave possessions, who gave money, as one who did all in his/her power to make the world a better place ?

We need to ask ourselves these questions and answer them honestly as we step closer into the Joy of Giving Week 2011. As we introspect and seek answers, we would do well to remember that in these answers lie the key to a better life for many. When each one of us empowers those who need to be empowered by giving of ours and ourselves generously and wholeheartedly, the world will automatically be transformed into a more egalitarian and less volatile one. That this is within the realm of possibility, is beautifully illustrated by this story from across the Atlantic :

The Power of Half : if all of us can decide to give away if not half, at least some of our possessions, in our lifetime, we would have contributed in a small measure to healing the world. Let us begin now, during the JGW 2011, between the 2nd and the 8th of October.

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