Wednesday, July 28, 2010

JGW '10 Marches Ahead

With about 60 days to go for the Joy of Giving Week 2010, initiating and planning events for the Week, have begun to pick up across the country and more clarity is emerging on the events during JGW '10. We have already updated you in earlier posts on JGW '10 in Chennai and Hyderabad.

We have also got updates from Ahmedabad now and as in the other cities, there are a range of events planned to raise resources during Joy of giving Week. This includes a medical camp by Shalby Hospital, Art Training for children by umang Hutheesing, an auction and dinner date with celebrities hosted byb Radio Mirchi and of course the popular Joyfest in colleges and MAMs I am the Change film project. We are confident that in the days to come, Ahmedabad will unveil more events and will manage to raise more resources and attract more followers to the festival, the Joy of Giving Week.
One of the reasons for the unprecendented success and popularity of the festival in the very first year of inception is that it makes no demands, follows no set manner of celebration, is all inclusive and most important reconnects us with our innate need to belong, to share and to celebrate. It is our hope that the Joy of Giving Week 2010 to be celebrated between the 26th of Sept., and the 2nd of Oct., will soon rank amongst the most joyous festivals in India and perhaps abroad as well.

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