Monday, May 31, 2010

JGW: Images

It may sound cliched but it is true that images do speak louder than words. While we have written earlier about the tremendous interest the Joy of Giving Week generated in its year of inception, and the impact it has had in terms of raising our collective consciousness towards giving in general, a video, the link to which is copied below, reinforces all that has been said earlier. It summarises what India can be when we come together for a cause, each one of us, collectively, simply to experience the joy, the Joy of Giving.

In case there is a problem in accessing this link, please do search for joy of giving week on YouTube and there are many videos one could watch,all of which will hopefully inspire us to come together to make the Joy of Giving Week 2010 bigger and better in terms of contribution of time and resources to those who need it.

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  1. 偉大的致富萬能之鑰,正是幫你充分掌握自己心志所必須的自律自制 ..................................................